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Dual Cure Emulsions

Dual cure emulsions have an extra curing component that imparts a certain amount of flexibility to the emulsion which compensates for improper exposure and better emulsion durability during the printing cycle.
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#206 DC
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#206 DC
Holden's 206 Purple is also available as a dual cure. A dual cure emulsion is one that is both water and oil resistant and can be used for printing with water phase inks as well as oil phase inks.
Stencil Builder
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Stencil Builder
A triple cure emulsion is one that employs a diazo sensitizer as well as a secondary curing system that is already existent in the emulsion. The emulsion is then further fortified by wiping on a hardener to increase both water and solvent resistance. By i
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Dual cure photopolymer SBQ emulsion designed for solvent and water resistance.
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