Custom Pre Burned Silkscreen

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Holden's Screen Supply screen making services produce high quality commercial grade pre-burned silkscreens.

You can submit artwork that can be opened with the Adobe® suite of products.

Select your silkscreen frame size, desired mesh count, screen printing ink type, and the substrate, or surface you will be printing on. Then upload your image so we can create a ready to use pre-burned silkscreen of your design.  Your film positive is included with your silkscreen order.

Please include any relevant information about your image, including desired image size, and any other information you think we should know.  

Please make sure that your image is appropriately sized for the screen size selected, and the image detail is in line with the mesh count requested.

If your image is too large for the screen size selected, we will downsize your image so it will fit appropriately within the silkscreen frame ordered.

Image resolution of 300dpi, or vector artwork will produce the best results.  Lower resolution images will not produce crisp silkscreens.

If you are unsure of which mesh count you should select, have a read of through our short blog, on selecting the screen printing fabric mesh for your design

Here is a guideline for recommended maximum image sizes.

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Frame Size (outer dimension) Frame Size (inner dimension) Recommended Image Size (maximum)
12x16 10x14
18x20 15x17 11x12
20x24 17x21 12x16
23x31 19x27 15x21
28x28 24x24 18x18
25x36 21x32 18x24
30x40 25x36 21x28
36x48 31x43 25x36


We will contact you via email, if your image size, image resolution, or screen mesh count selection are not appropriate for the custom silkscreen order you have made.