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Quick Start

What do I need to begin screen printing?


1.    Silkscreen

          a.       Frame size is dependent on the size of your image

          b.       Mesh count is dependent on the detail of the image, the substrate being printed on, and the type of ink being used.

2.    Emulsion

          a.       The vehicle which will allow the image to be imparted onto the silkscreen

          b.       The selection is based on the type of inks being printed with, the type of clean-up being utilized, and the light source being utilized.


3.       Film Positive

          a.       An image represented in opaque black on a clear or semi-clear medium that is used to impart the image onto the silkscreen.


4.       Degreaser

          a.       Used to prepare the silkscreen prior to coating it with emulsion.


5.       Scoop Coater

          a.       Size is based either on the size of the image, or the interior dimension of the silkscreen.


6.       Screen Printing Ink

          a.       The selection is based on substrate being printed on, as well as preferences for water-based clean-up, or solvent based clean-up.


7.       Squeegee

          a.       Utilized in imprinting the screen printing ink onto the substrate or garment.

          b.       The size is dependent on the size of the image, or the interior dimension of the silkscreen.


8.       Emulsion Remover

          a.       Used to remove the emulsion from the silkscreen.


9.       Haze Remover

          a.       Utilized to remove the ink stains leftover after reclaiming.


10.     Hinge Clamps

          a.       A mounting mechanism to hold the silkscreen in place while printing.


11.      Light Source

          a.       A homemade or professional grade light table that will expose the image onto the silkscreen.


12.     Washout Sink

          a.       Used for developing the screen as well as for reclaiming and de-hazing.